How To Prepare For A Residential Move

How To Prepare For A Residential Move

Planning a residential move?   Organization and lists makes the move easier!

Do you want to know how to prepare for a residential move? Planning a move can be somewhat complex. And as you know, there are many things to consider when planning a move.  Moving can be a stressful time but it doesn’t have to be.   Is it a long or short distance move?  What are the best moving companies for my type of move?  Organization is the key to a successful move! 

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One of the first things to do is to declutter.  What things do you have that are not working or haven’t been used in a long time? Chances are if you haven’t used them in years you are probably not going to miss it. We all have clothes that we haven’t worn in a long time or doesn’t fit.  If you have time maybe consider a rummage sale.  That is a good way to make extra money and make space.  Consider donating items to thrift stores or charities.  A charity can use your items and sell them for their own rummage sales and make money for their cause.  If you have items that don’t work or is broken.  Toss it!  You will feel so much better not having so much stuff.  All this stuff is what makes moving stressful.


Things to consider is what type of move will this be?  A long distance move or local move?  Contact moving companies and get estimates for the cost.  Ask about insurance if anything is damaged or lost.  They will help you with any questions you may and give you an estimate of the cost. 


It is good to start packing items that you are not currently using right now but, do during other times of the year.    For example,  if It is summer you are probably not using any of your winter clothes, snow shovels and winter related items.  Make sure you have a good supply of moving boxes, tape, packing paper, and bubble roll.  Remember to label the boxes with a marker.  Such as items from the kitchen in one box and bathroom items in another box and so on.  When you move to your new house or apartment it will help you and the movers where to put the boxes.  Take pictures of valuables.  


Make sure all contact information is updated for financial institutions, your children’s school, telephone, cable, medical, work, utility and subscriptions.  Fill out a change of address form at your local post office so your mail can be forwarded to your new address.  A change of address can also be filled out on  The cost is a $1.05 on your credit card for verification and is processed much quicker.  Remember to take time off from work.  Fill out the necessary forms to make sure you get the time off during your move.  The closer you get to moving day, check with human resources to make to make sure they have the correct  dates for your time off.


Do any cleaning that is necessary at your old residence.  Take pictures or video of your old home so when you leave you can show that you left it in good order. Collect all keys and garage door openers and hand them over to the new owner or real estate agent.  If you have the keys to your new home do any cleaning or organizing there.  


If you are using a moving company or renting a moving truck make sure that you both have the same moving day date.  Mistakes can happen so make sure they have accurate contact information and dates.  Double check on phone numbers for the movers and let them know your cell phone number as well.


On moving day, make sure you have an inventory list of everything that is being moved.  If you are using a moving company ask for inventory copy in case anything is lost or damaged so you can file a claim.  Make sure you have money to tip the movers.  Order take out from a pizzeria or restaurant.  Plates, cups and silverware are packed away in the moving truck so make sure to have paper plates, cups and silverware on hand.


It is best to do any grocery shopping since it has probably been a while since you last did any.  Make you have toilet paper in bathrooms and beds are made.  Consider having locks changed since you don’t know how many people have had keys to your new home.  Unpack boxes at your new home.  Try to get as much unpacked in a week or two.  The sooner you get everything unpacked the better.  Get to know your neighbors and any activities that maybe going on.  

Moving is stressful but it can go more smoothly with good organization.  If you know someone who has recently moved ask them  for any advice they may have.  What would they do differently?  

A move is a good time to take a look at the things you don’t need.  Stuff piles up and becomes more of a headache than anything else.  Less items that you have will help with moving costs.  Plan ahead and time management are the keys to a successful move.

In addition to this, consider hiring a professional moving service in your area. Companies such as TopPro Moving of Fairfax Virginia offer competitive rates and affordable moving services that are top-notch. They offer free estimates on all of their services too.

We hope you now have a better understanding of how to prepare for a residential move and wish you all the best.

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