8 Great Reasons To Move During The Winter

8 Great Reasons To Move During The Winter

Wanna know 8 great reasons to move during the winter? You’ll learn a lot in this blog post!

There are many reasons to move during the winter. However, spring and summer are “peak season” in the relocation industry. But what many moving companies don’t tell you is that there is ample opportunity and so many reasons to get your move on during the colder months.

In this post, we will go over exactly why you should consider relocating during the winter.  So grab your winter hat and coat and let’s discuss everything you need to know!

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Top 8 Reasons To Move During The Colder Months

Are you considering relocating anytime soon?  Do you feel hesitant to start the process when the weather is colder?  Well, whether you are moving your business or moving homes and relocating to Fairfax VA, we’re going to go over the many reasons that moving during off-season isn’t so bad.  

Reason 1: You’ll Get The Best Deal

Have you ever gone out to find affordable moving services?  Well the sad fact of the matter is this.  Relocating is super expensive and that’s a fact!  Whether investing in a cross country move, commercial moving services or planning a local move, it’s usually the same.  Prices are high, but that isn’t true for every time of the year you know!

During the winter months during the period that’s considered off-season in relocation terms, you can get a super hot deal on your relocation.  Expect to pay at least 15% less on a move during off-season.

In addition to this, moving companies often offer special deals in their off-season. So if you need a little extra help with packing and storage, you’re much more likely to get a great deal during the winter.

This is one of the many reasons to move during the winter.  Saving money is always a good thing. Whether you have a lot of it or not!

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Reason 2: Moving Companies Often Offer Specials During Off-Season

During the special time of year that everything seems to be on sale for the holidays, guess what?  That’s also true for relocating and moving company deals.

During off-season, and as mentioned briefly above, moving companies are much more likely to offer special deals and promotions. For example, that moving company you were hesitant to hire while you were doing your research and comparing quotes one or two months back might be more likely to offer a promotion as they struggle to get sales in the winter.

So call your local mover near you and find out what they can offer you for your winter move. We’re very sure you’ll be happy with what you find out!

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Reason 3: The Competition Is Much Lower

During off-season, competition is much lower than during the summer and even spring months.  The moment the weather gets warmer, it seems like everyone is moving from one place to another.

However, with the rush and heavy competition in the relocation industry, not only will prices skyrocket, but the days that are available to get into your new home will be very slim.  You may not get the day that you want on a 30 or even 60 day notice.  So beware of this as you try to plan your relocation.

Reason 4: You’ll Get The Date You Want

Want to move on a Saturday?  Well, fat chance if you move last minute and need to hire a  moving company.  Unless you book out at least 3 months in advance, it will be super hard to get the date you want! You’ll have to work around the movers schedule, and what you’ll find out is that they’re schedule is very hectic during peak season.  

Reason 5: Movers More Likely To Be On Time

Booking a long distance move?  Don’t be surprised if the movers get backed up big time and they show up for your move sometimes even a day late!  Yes – this actually happens.  And it happens much more frequently during peak season from May to August during the year.

If you book a move in the winter when movers’ schedules are more flexible, you’ll be surprised to learn that your moving company will probably show up on time. So book your move this winter during the cold season, and get a move that will go exactly as planned!

Reason 6: Less Chaos

During winter months when less people are moving, there is much less chaos.  With the lack of chaos, much less can go wrong as you might imagine. 

For example, your belongings will be much more likely to get from point A to point B on time and unscathed. In addition, scheduling problems and confusion is much less likely to happen.

Reason 7: Discounts On Other Moving Related Things

Did you know that when people relocate, they are often simultaneously purchasing new items for their new living space.  And the good news is this. Discounts do happen a lot during the summer, but around the winter months when the holidays are taking place you can get great deals of furniture and home goods too.

So booking your move during the winter will lead you to getting the best deal across the board!

Reason 8: Less Damaged Items And/Or Missing Items

This next reason to book your move this winter is another common-sense reason many people overlook. During peak season, when people are moving like crazy, with all the confusion more can go wrong during the relocation process. This often means items being damaged and scratched, and some items not even making it onto the moving truck or getting lost in transit. This happens especially with moving services that do a higher volume of moves.  There is often items being put into storage and on multiple trucks if the move is across the country with these bigger companies. During the process a lot can happen. And a lot can go wrong.

For this reason it’s a good idea to book your move during the winter.  With less confusion and less movers moving, you’ll be happy that everything will go smooth and as planned.


We hope you learned a lot about the pros and cons of moving during different times of the year.  And if you’re still wondering about the benefits of hiring a professional moving service, please look at this blog post here.  

There are tons of great reasons to hire a moving company and plan your move during the winter months. So we hope this post has been helpful and has cleared up many of your questions too.

Companies such as TopPro Moving are relocation specialists that offer great prices and customer service all year long. So if you’re located in Fairfax VA, be sure to give them a call or request a free quote on services.

You should now know the reasons to move during the winter and we wish you all the best.

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